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How did jackson hide? We knew he was a molester twenty years in advance of we read anything about cosby being a rapist. Both equally have far too much revenue and influence to at any time essentially visit jail.

‘His [Jackson’s] actress Mate Elizabeth Taylor inspired him to rent Pellicano ¬because she had utilized him to stop Grime on her drug complications staying unveiled while in the media,’ the investigator, who expended two several years on the case, alleged.

R288 style of proof does one expect? You'd like audio or video tape. That is not anticipated in kid molesttion conditions, only in mj's

Michael Jackson 'invested $35 million to silence at least two dozen boys he abused' In keeping with mystery FBI files

NOT kidding. His "folks" used to need to head over to his resort rooms daily and bag up these sheets along with other "oddities" in order that hotel employees wouldn't see them.

Your excellently penned put up completely expresses what I have thought of this entire sickening mess Considering that the early 90s Jordan Chandler issue.

Questioned about the potential for possessing youngsters of his personal, Michael shook his head. He wish to adopt in the future, although not procreate.

Every carpet cleaning Encino time I see a fascinating thread I click on the star. At times I'll finish up submitting while in the thread, other situations I just examine it.

Hmmmmm maybe MJ WAS Portion of a hoop, which would make clear The dearth of evidence. Ordinarily pedo rings are chock filled with prosperous and highly effective people.

Oh Terrific. I'd ultimately grow to be certain that poor Michael were the victim, with every one of these boys families, just out for income.

If MJ really was as rotten because it appeared, then he was the ultimate youngster groomer working with an unwitting boy or girl star as the bait.

That was my place also r196. I don't Assume he abused Caulkin since caulkin's folks would have experienced electrical power and assets to consider him on if he did, but Potentially he utilised him as bait, unbeknown to McCauley.

The sleuth mentioned not less than 3 boys were paid out to stay silent, While using the household of a popular movie actor offered about $596,three hundred not to talk to the media.

I Iike his taste in boys, but too young for me. My kind seems to be the ones he let's go once they achieve that teenager age. fifteen -sixteen I believe

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